My abrupt departure

For those who know to look for me here, a word explaining my disappearance from Facebook. I deactivated my account today because I cannot stand the corporation that owns it (and, in the dynamic of its possession of our ‘content’, us). I do not believe that corporation has the best interests of its clients in mind, i is duplicitous and exploitative, I think it colludes with governments and other corporations for purposes of surreptitious influence and control, etc etc etc. I took the leap without preliminaries because I knew that if I tried to make some speech about it I’d never do it. So here I am. You can find me here, and on Twitter @passerpiccolo, and via my email which is widely available. If you reverse my names and attach that info to the name of a giant corporation that has PROMISED not be evil, but now clearly is, you’ll have it. Apologies to anyone–I really mean it–who might have been inconvenienced or upset by my departure or the disappearance of stuff I might have written in threads you are involved in. Love and peace and, when we’re ready for it, a little joy as well. Because what could it hurt.


  1. So, I’m looking for you here and any of your elsewheres. Why? You are a breath of fresh air in an insipid world. Without you, and other smart, thoughtful and sometimes crass people, I’d go crazy, well not entirely demented, but certainly babbling inanely to myself, maybe simpering to the cat. Don’t want you to think I’m only seeking you out for an occasional bracer. OK, maybe that’s true, but you’ll think what you want anyway. I’m thinking I get your blog posts by email. No? If that’s the case, your output has been pitiful lately. I’ve got a new story I’m working on, “House of Lucky Wedding Rings.” Feeling good about it, but it needs more bounce. Now, let me get back to FB.


  2. C – O – M – E B – A – C – K !!!!!! (Be a woman- be subversive Inside a system.) There’s just no song out here that can carry your notes. I’ve been humming alone… -and it’s sad. (You missed my birthday. …My Birthday.) -Come back!

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    1. Shana! I’m so sorry I missed your BiRTHDAY. I hope you celebrated with some kind of gorgeous self-indulgence, self-tending. Anyway guess what–I’m about to come back but only because I have to advertise, and lure some monied writer types into, a salon workshop type thing I’m going to run in March and April. I can’t abide the corporation anymore, I can’t abide my seeming endorsement of it by providing the content it sells advertising against. So why don’t you write to me? passaro dot vince at another evil corp gmail dot com? I’d love to hear from you. xo/V

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    2. PS Re: inside the system. A dream at this point, the system is immune to sabotage. Also, by far the majority of women are not subversive but ferociously loyal to the system, to a degree that amazes me; the rebellious streak runs more heavily on the male side, in my experience, and no one punishes subversives quicker than the moms. In city and suburb alike the moms are vicious enforcers. Women generally are to the system what slaves and Chinamen (term of art at the time) were to the railroads, with the moms as the underpaid foremen. They do all the dirty work for almost none of the pay.

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  3. Loved your stuff on FB, a “place” about which I’m profoundly ambivalent yet which I continually visit, but will gladly follow your posts here.


    1. Thank you, Geoff. I’m mouthing off on Twitter a little but saving serious stuff for here. FB was like a good bar, a place to see and shout at one’s friends in the afternoon, except it turns out the bar owners are involved in human trafficking and torturing children and shit. That’s what it felt like. Not that Zuckerberg tortures children. More than a little. I mean, I’m sure he doesn’t.


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