Jon Stewart

Good night and good luck to Jon Stewart

A few words on Jon Stewart: there is at the core of his career on The Daily Show  one governing, for me, fact; This man, during the spiritual and financial destruction of our country, stood for year after year after year as the only mainstream voice of criticism and skepticism and howling grief-stricken opposition available to the nation at large. I don’t mean to denigrate journals and journalists associated with such as Harper’s Magazine​, Mother Jones, The Nation, etc. But they speak to relatively small (albeit sometimes influential) audiences who already, for the most part, agree with them. Stewart had sponsors like Hot Pockets and Coors. He was talking to, among others, frat boy nation. And at this level, he was alone. The entire corporate media complex after 9/11 just caved in like a Pennsylvania glade burning from below. He yanked them up from their smoky cave prisons and shone a light on them for us all to see, every night. He did the same to our government, as best he could. He taught an entire generation not to trust what these people are peddling and how to see through the most obvious of their lies, and the political ramifications of that achievement won’t be  known for some years yet. He spoke truth to power and proved that if you will only display the requisite courage and wit to do it well and forcefully, you can thrive  He was almost flawlessly funny, which was what he always meant to be, and how he always identified himself, in terms of his comedy. The show was in my experience simply never bad. We cannot yet appreciate the scope of his impact and his success; for now I can only say out loud, as it were, how much I admire him, and wish him well, and thank him.